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In a fast-moving and increasingly international business world there are, inevitably, times when agreements and contracts break down and legal action must be taken to protect assets or compensate loss. Dispute resolution is exactly that – the process by which a resolution is achieved. This can be done by Litigation, – i.e. in Court – or by an alternative dispute resolution mechanism.  Arbitration is such a mechanism, and is a central pillar of our practice.

We have represented clients in commercial arbitrations in both international and domestic disputes, under various institutional rules, including ICC, LCIA, ECA and UNCITRAL. As such, we are intimately familiar with the nuances of the various arbitration rules and are perfectly positioned to advise our clients on whether arbitration is the appropriate forum to reach the best resolution for their particular dispute.

We help clients to identify and achieve the best possible outcomes. Our focus is always to help our clients understand the options and to help them to decide on the option that most supports their business interests cost-effectively. Our partner-led, practical approach ensures that clients receive a swift, high-quality response that focuses on achieving the best commercial resolution.


The arbitration law firm you want is Noble Law Solicitors

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Construction Law

It's about building trust

Yes it’s a play on words but it’s true. Noble will work with you to build a relationship based on mutual trust and respect. As trust can only develop when there is open communication, we will agree an integrated contact strategy with you.

Building and construction is the process of creating structures and buildings, which in turn become property. This sector is at the core of our business - from small property renovations, such as adding a room, or renovation of a bathroom, to the multi-million Euro development of motorways, housing estates, shopping centres or office blocks.

Our contracts ensure that design, construction, operation and maintenance issues are considered as a whole to reduce potential claims. Roles and risk allocation are best set out clearly from the beginning.

We know the construction industry inside-out. You can rely on Noble for practical advice and options that come from our vast experience and understanding of the construction industry.

We have successfully litigated virtually every construction project related issue, including those involving contract interpretation; delay and disruption disputes claims; disputes relating to scope of work changes; differing site conditions; environmental issues; subrogation claims; complex insurance coverage issues; easements and condemnation matters; payment claims; construction defects; design deficiencies; and indoor air quality issues.

As construction law is often about document management in a litigious environment, we have invested heavily in a super modern document management system and have developed substantial experience in eDiscovery, both of which save our clients costs and time.

We bring efficiency, predictability, and consistency to the often costly task of eDiscovery. With an array of technological tools and vast experience, we can help streamline all phases of eDiscovery, including data mapping, identification, preservation, collection, processing, review, analytics, and production. We have extensive experience with predictive coding and other forms of advanced analytics that can be leveraged in document-intensive matters. We have a dedicated team of technical specialists who combine practical experience with technical know-how to achieve optimal results. We have experience in negotiating eDiscovery protocols, conducting custodial interviews, taking/defending eDiscovery depositions, prosecuting/defending eDiscovery motions, working with forensic experts and managing outside vendors.

The construction law firm you want is Noble Law Solicitors.

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Intellectual Property

Noble Law’s intellectual Property lawyers have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating contracts for the development, sale , purchase and licensing of hardware, software and IT systems for both suppliers and users across a broad range of industries.

Our practice includes advising a broad range of clients on data protection, privacy issues and cybersecurity issues, including employee data protection issues, data subject access requests and security breach incidents.

We advise in both contentious and non- contentious matters including:

• Trade Mark Registration.
• Trade Mark litigation and passing off actions.
• Copyright
• Domain Name Protection
• Due Diligence

Trade Mark

We recognise the value of your brand for your business. Use our expertise to protect your brand as it grows both nationally and internationally.

We will guide you through the Trade Mark registration process from brand clearance to licencing of your trade mark in Ireland, Europe and worldwide.

We have a broad experience in initiating and defending infringement proceedings and passing off actions.


We represent businesses in anti-counterfeiting matters and customs registration. We also advise extensively on licencing, assignment and co-existence agreements for your intellectual property.


Our practice includes advising in the areas of copyright protection, copyright infringement and licencing of copyright material.

For further information please contact:

Alison Brennan,
Solicitor and Patent Attorney
01 525 7010

Noble - that’s Intellectual Property.

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We resolve disputes.

We have specific knowledge and experience regarding dispute resolution in construction, judicial review, commercial property, sport and healthcare.

We appreciate that litigation can cause disruption to the running of a business, but it remains an efficient dispute resolution tool.

Sometimes disputes can be better resolved by effective and skilled negotiation or other dispute resolution mechanisms like mediation, conciliation, adjudication or arbitration.

However, sometimes it is necessary and most effective to litigate the issues.

This requires an experienced litigator focused on balancing the commercial objectives with legal options.

The key to successful litigation is preparation.

The rigorous evaluation of risk and the effective presentation of a client's position are the key skills of our lawyers.

We have a successful track record of resolving disputes.

For the past 40 years we have represented and continue to represent public and private corporations and individuals in a wide variety of civil actions before the Circuit Court, the High Court, the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court and the European Court of Justice.

If the best strategy is litigation, then we litigate to win. This may seem strange, but a surprisingly large number of actions are commenced to settle, shock or seek submission. If we advise you to issue proceedings, we have already worked out a detailed strategy for winning those proceedings at trial. Litigation is for those who have prepared well for the trial and have devised a proper strategy before the commencement of proceedings.

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Medical and Pharmaceutical Law

Health care is the fastest growing and most complex industry in the world, and our lawyers stay abreast of market developments, trends, and cases that relate to our clients and practices.

Noble has developed an industry-wide practice in the health care field that encompasses virtually all aspects of health care law and integrates nearly every legal practice area.

Our lawyers are seasoned practitioners with experience serving as general, litigation, and special counsel to a wide variety of health care organisations and entities.

We have a solid understanding of the health care sector and proven success in representing our clients across a broad spectrum of issues.

Our regulatory law group specialises in regulating the health and teaching professions and represents medical doctors, pharmacists, opticians, nurses and teachers in all fitness to practice/disciplinary hearings and procedures. We also represent pharmaceutical clients in most segments of the industry, including brand-name companies, generics makers and trade organisations. Our work spans a range of legal disciplines, including intellectual property, employment, corporate and procurement law.

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Procurement Law

For procurement we doubt there’s any other law firm in Ireland that can help you as much as we can. And that’s not a claim we make lightly.

We’ve helped to develop public procurement strategies that achieve goals with the perfect balance of risk, control and funding.

National and EU procurement rules might seem like barriers but, actually, they’re not: They define the commercial opportunities and we’ll help you to interpret them.

The procurement law firm you want is Noble Law Solicitors

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Property Law

We have 40 years' experience in commercial property and land development law. We get involved, from the beginning, right at the concept stage, helping with strategy, purchase, planning, construction, sales and lettings.

We’ll advise on objector negotiation and dispute resolution, licences, due diligence, MUDs Act compliance, building agreements, VAT, project management, tendering, team appointment and warranties, negotiation of joint ventures and partnerships and advice on finance.

For individuals, buying or selling a house, we have a tailor–made private residential conveyancing unit that caters to the particular needs of private individuals.

The property law firm you want is Noble Law Solicitors

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Sports law

Noble represents the interests of professional and amateur sports athletes and organisations with a full range of legal services designed specifically for the sports industry.

Sports law encompasses both autonomous and state-created rules regarding the variety of economic, social, commercial, cultural and political aspects of sporting activities.

This regulation may take the form of autonomous self-regulation, e.g. by national and international associations of sport or general legislative provisions that apply to sporting activities.

The trend towards more professionalism in sport and the growing economic, social and cultural relevance of sport, have resulted in an ever increasing applicability of regulations embodied in general legislation.

These regulations include, for example, certain aspects of criminal law, tort, employment law, commercial law, tax law and procurement law.

The laws that apply to sporting organisations and individuals are becoming more complex and in recognition of this trend Noble has developed a dedicated sports law unit to provide the right advice.

As we like to say, when it comes to sports law, we don’t play games.

The senior associate you need to speak with is John Quinn.